Welcome to Spit Records the virtual home of Northern Ireland punk. Formed in 2011 by Sean O’Neill, co author of the book - It Makes You Want To Spit!

My aim is to issue previously unreleased late 70s, early 80s recordings by Northern Ireland’s PuNK and New Wave bands and at the same time to build a detailed information resource on the bands from that era. The punk scene in Northern Ireland was set against a backdrop of spiraling troubles, curfews, home-made mortars, car bombs, Maze hunger strikes, security checks as you entered the city centre and worst of all… show bands in goddamn flares! Northern Ireland needed punk and it became one of the last strongholds in the UK.

PunK was never a spectator sport, so please do contact me if you have any information, photographs or suggestions for future releases. Alternatively you can leave your comments via the guest book. Despite being a one man operation this site is constantly being updated and extended, so do keep checking back.

The debut release on Spit Records was a live recording by The Outcasts - a 14 track CD, Vive Lyon! The follow up release entitled Shellshock Rockers contains 24 previously unreleased studio recordings from 1978 to 1981 - six bands contribute four songs each.

This was followed by Shellshock Rockers Vol II, which contained 20 previously unreleased demos recorded between 1978 and 1985 from a number of different bands including The Icons, The Lids, The Xposers and more!

Our latest release has been 35 years on the making! Shock Treatment split in 1982, but reformed in 2011 as Shock Treatment 21 and Spit Records have released their debut album - The Days Of The Buckshee Bounce Are Nearly Over. The album contains reworkings of old material together with a sprinkling of new material.

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Gob 11

Cat. No. GOB 11
Released 13 April 2017
Format: 7" Vinyl

Here's the latest addition to the Spit Records catalogue - the first single in 40 years from Ed Banger and the Nosebleeds.

Don't hang about 'cos this is a Limited Edition!


£4.99 + Shipping

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Cat. No. GOB 10
Released 2 January 2017
Format: 7" Vinyl

Here'sanother great addition to the Spit Records catalogue - four belters from Worcester punk band 'The Tights' recorded back in 1978.

Don't hang about 'cos there's only 300 copies!

£5.99 + Shipping

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